Journey is a transit app I designed as part of a UX/UI immersive I took at General Assembly. I worked on every part of the UX design process, including user research, information architecture, and wireframing. The final product is an interactive wireframe.
Personas built on user research. I asked a lot of questions about when people took buses, and it turns out most people just want an easy way to get to work. That fact plus the three quotes below formed the basis of my personas.

I also analyzed some of the many transit apps available to see how they approached the problems outlined above. With this information in mind, I formulated some goals for the app.

Rough wireframes
First round wireframes. I refined both the look and user experience after running a series of user tests and identifying pain points. 

The  onboarding experience explains the app's value proposition succinctly. It also establishes its information credentials; trust was a recurring problem that cropped up in user research.

Final wireframes
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