Resume scan results.

List of key skills.

Jobscan optimizes resumes to get past automated HR software. Users scan their resumes and Jobscan's software matches keywords against an uploaded job description. Missing skills are highlighted, and the user can then fix and re-submit their resume for a new scan.
Their paid feature is PowerEdit, which scans a live, editable resume, thereby cutting down on iteration time. Their stats indicated only a few users ever took advantage of this feature.
I did research. I looked at their usage numbers and demographic stats. I asked users what they thought. I watched recordings of users interacting with PowerEdit. 

Screenshot of the PowerEdit tool.

My hypotheses:
The text editing tools available in PowerEdit were limited to basic formatting. Additionally, as part of the scanning process, PowerEdit would strip all indentation and line breaks. 
PowerEdit often misidentified skills, so part of updating a resume was pruning keywords that the AI had flagged erroneously. This was an unintuitive but important part of making the tool work effectively.
Many people just aren't very good at making resumes--particularly folks early in their career. This group of users simply needed guidance on how to make a resume in the first place.
The layout was built for large monitors, but research showed many users on smaller screens. 

Design iterations built as an interactive prototype in Axure. 

My suggestions:
Redo the editor with an eye towards replicating existing interfaces such as Google Docs. Let users retain formatting they create.
Make layout changes to better suggest to users that they might remove misidentified keywords. This includes more prominent removal symbol, as well as moving the list of matches to the left side of the screen to better take advantage of traditional F-pattern eye scans. 
Include easy-to-access learning section that leverages Jobscan's existing content database.
Adjust layout to lie on a grid and tweak proportions to fit smaller screens
Additional features:
Gamify the Jobscan Resume Score to better incentivize users to keep working
Ability to toggle between Resume and Job Description to accommodate comparisons
Export buttons for easy resume creation

Prototype design.

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